Crystal Clear is committed to conducting itself in a responsible manner to protect people and the environment. We are proud to share with you that we use all environmentally friendly products in our daily operation in order to reduce recognised hazards and to respect the environment. We also hold the ISO14001 since 2012.

We recognise that our natural resources are being used up. Our aim is to reduce the natural resources used in carrying out our duties such as water, electricity and to maximise waste reduction. The main way we do this is to reduce, reuse and recycle, we are members of ‘ECODESK’ which allows us to monitor our Carbon Footprint regularly.


Fuel is Crystal Clear’s largest strain on the environment – to reduce this as much as possible our unique scheduling system allows us to monitor the mileage and MPG and take action where necessary. Vehicles are serviced regularly and the operatives are trained on the most economical way to drive.

We also have strict policies in place to restrict gas and electricity usage within our offices.


Due to the nature of our industry we naturally require a large amount of water to operate.

We understand that this causes a huge drain on the environments natural resources, therefore Crystal Clear use harvested rainwater for all of our window cleaning.

This is the process of collecting rainwater as it falls onto the roof and travels down the drainpipes into a collection tank. Then by using a filtration system the collected rainwater is filtered into holding tanks and used for the window cleaning.


Further to the above, after much research & investment Crystal Clear have developed our very own computer application which reduces paper usage by an extensive amount. It does this by allowing us to schedule and receive the operatives work electronically rather than using paper.

Our Environmental Policy