At Crystal Clear, quality is of the utmost importance, whether it is the quality of the cleaning or the quality of customer service that we provide.

This starts with the Managing Director and translates throughout the company at all levels.

We have a proven Quality Policy which is instilled into all operatives from their initial induction and is continually accomplished.

The management team constantly review the way the company fulfil its contractual obligations and always ensure that the employees, clients and management opinions are used to their greatest potential which allows our team to offer the best service available, whether it is through help desk procedures or operatives equipment.

Crystal Clear have held the ISO9001 accreditation since 2009 and this is annual reviewed and awarded.

Prior to the 2009 accreditation we have always prided ourselves on offering the same quality of service that the ISO standard awards.

Year on year our quality of service continues to improve and we will always use experience to benefit from further enhancement.

Our Quality Policy