Ladder Cleaning

Ladder Work

At Crystal Clear all of our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the use of ladders and have undergone rigorous training and safety courses. Ladders are the more traditional method of accessing windows.

Traditional window cleaning methods are used alongside the ladder access and this is still a very popular method of window cleaning.

Other factors to be considered when using ladders are: adverse weather conditions, uneven ground and slippery surfaces.

We are aware of the increasing complexity of legislation surrounding the use of ladders and the desire of many companies to look to use alternative safer methods in their work place, so before undertaking any task we will provide a site survey and any risk assessments and method statements to ensure the use of ladders is a safe option. We will always advise our clients should we find a safer option that provides the same quality results.

All ladders used by Crystal Clear are checked for defects before use and regular documented inspections are also carried out.

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