With almost two decades of experience in the window cleaning sector, we perform various projects from multi-site portfolios to individual buildings and properties.

Our directly employed window cleaning operatives have many years of expertise in the following methods:

Traditional Methods

Traditional methods are still widely used within the industry and can be utilised on internal and external windows alike, at all heights.
The traditional method results in a high standard of cleanliness and is still considered to be one of the primary methods of window cleaning.

Reach & Wash

There are few Health and Safety risks in its use, making it by far the safest and most cost effective cleaning method that achieves excellent results.

Rope Access

Our operatives are certified to IRATA high standards in Rope Access and follow its guidelines.  An IRATA, level 3, abseil rope technician will always be on each and every site that we operate on.

Access Equipment

We use a wide range of access equipment for many of our contracts. Our IPAF qualified operators have a great deal of experience and knowledge to enable them to select the correct equipment for the correct job.

Cradle Access

Each cradle system is unique in itself, therefore we ensure all of our operatives involved are experienced and competent to operate various types of cradle systems.
Cradle window cleaning offers easy access at all heights, with minimum disruption.

Latchways and Eyebolt Systems

If your building has Class A1 anchor devices or latchway systems installed, our team are fully trained in the use of these, along with the use of harnesses which include work restraint, fall arrest and work positioning.


All of our operatives are highly trained and experienced in the use of ladders and have undergone rigorous training and safety courses.

We are aware of the increasing complexity of legislation surrounding the use of ladders and the desire of many companies to look to use alternative safer methods in their work place, so before undertaking any task we will provide a site survey and any risk assessments and method statements to ensure the use of ladders is a safe option. We will always advise our clients should we find a safer option that provides the same quality results.